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  • Our Vision

    Water Plus aims to provide clean and clear, safe drinking water to one and all, with a concrete vision of launching a range of healthy and premium drinks at a reasonable cost to the delight of consumers, irrespective of their age.our vision is to become a leading player in this segment nationally.

    Our Mission

    We seek to ensure that everyone achieves the basic right of having scientifically treated, mineral drinking water, which is not only healthy and pure, but composed of all the necessary nutrients. With our established legacy, we intend to forward our mission to launch premium drinks juices and R/O enabled water in domestic use, which will become symbols of energy rejuvenation and refreshment.

    About Water Plus

    Water forms 70% of a healthy human body. WATER IS LIFE.

    It covers 70% of our planet's surface. BUT ALL RESOURCES ARE NOT DRINKABLE!!!
    With increasing pollution day by day, reducing ground water levels and contamination of water bodies, availability of safe and healthy drinking water has become the need of the hour. With a mission to provide "Purity in Every Drop", Water Plus is formally incorporated under the leadership of Mr. Avinash Vaghani, Mrs. Gunjan Vaghani.

    Water Plus, Raipur is the headquarters of the two leading brands in this segment i.e. Waterplus& Surya Yes, which are registered under Noble beverages pvt. Ltd. (Raipur) Chhattisgarh.and have existing franchises for these brands in the name of Global beverages Pvt.Ltd operating in state of Gujarat .

    These brands are committed to provide pure, filtered and wholesome water, loaded with requisite minerals for a safe and healthy living, yet affordable. Going forward, we wish to launch range of premium drinks from packaged drinking water to Juices, Aerated water and much more in the market.

  • Quality

    It is rightly said that "Whatsoever we drink, PANI KA KAAM SIRF PANI HI KARTA HAI".

    It’s not just about the miraculous work that H2O does, it’s also about safety and health of the consumers, which matters the most.

    Water Plus, not only commits to provide for safe and healthy drinks, but our quality control team sees to it that only the best is delivered to consumers. It is treated to filter out all the harmful substances and chemicals that have mingled with it, until it is completely pure for human consumption.

    The treatment plants are equipped with "State of the Art" infrastructure, strictly following international standards of processes, certifications and vigilant quality norms.

    Each bottle contains water treated through our distinct, 5 step scientific process comprising Sand filtration, Activated carbon filtration, UV treatment, Reverse Osmosis and Ozonation.

    While our Quality check is an assurance of safety, 'Purity in every Drop' is our motto.

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    Water Plus

    C-1/29 Sector -2 Devendra Nagar,
    Raipur (C.G.) - 492001
    Customer Care : 9303093031
    E-mail: waterplusind@gmail.com

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    We offer fun environment to work with. Enjoy your presence at our premises, let us excel and grow towards the horizons, our organization plans to achieve.

    You don't need to have a work-life balance, because you won't be able to distinguish them anymore. Working with us is all about life, akin to our products!!!

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